Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Tour

create jobs, not lawsuits Our economy is dragging and the problems keep stacking up; stopping lawsuit abuse needs to be a part of the solution.

The 2012 Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Tour is a national campaign supported by Sick of Lawsuits and Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse groups across the country to bring attention to the effects of lawsuit abuse on our economy. Throughout 2012, the campaign will be making physical and virtual "stops" in states across the nation to spread the message and bring together those in support of legal reform. Drawing attention from advocates, consumers, allies and policymakers, the Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Tour is educating the public, showing the widespread effects of lawsuit abuse on society.

Legal reform needs to be a national priority before our economy falls further behind. Join Sick of Lawsuits and your local Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Group as we spread the message and do our part to make sure 2012 is the year for common sense legal reform, because we need more jobs, not more lawsuits.

What's coming up?

San Diego, California - Friday March 23
Come join Nathan Fletcher, State Assemblyman from the 75th A.D., San Diego Councilwoman Lorie Zapf, and small business owners when the 2012 Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Tour visits San Diego.

News from the road

Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Tour Swings Through Louisiana

Melissa Landry, Executive Director Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch
March 2, 2012

California CALA Kicks off Create Jobs Not Lawsuits Tour

Tom Scott, Executive Director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.
February 17, 2012

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Even after adjusting for inflation, tort costs per capita have risen by a factor of nearly eight between 1950 and 2009. (The 2010 Update on U.S. Tort Cost Trends, Towers Watson, 2010)

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