Lawsuit Advertising

Consumers are surrounded by aggressive lawsuit advertising that uses sensationalist and misleading information to lure or scare people into lawsuits. It’s more than annoying. It’s dangerous when people start to believe that everything they see in these ads is true. It is also bad for our legal system when these ads convince people there’s easy money to be had if they just jump on the lawsuit bandwagon.

Next time you see one of these ads, remember:

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Personal injury lawyer advertising is the grist that feeds the lawsuit mill. There’s a reason consumers feel bombarded by lawsuit advertising – they are.  Click through the facts below to learn how much personal injury lawyers spend to drum up lawsuits.


Trial lawyer ads are largely unregulated – it is truly consumer beware.  That makes it even more important that consumers take action to call out irresponsible and misleading practices and demand higher standards that protect consumers. Here’s what you can do:

Sign the petition to urge lawmakers and regulators to put more scrutiny on personal injury lawyer advertising. It is ironic that personal injury lawyers are quick to sue every other industry over advertising claims, yet refuse to apply the same standards to their own advertising. Click here to add your voice to the common sense call that personal injury lawyer advertising be held to the same standards required of others: “To protect consumers, it must be truthful, accurate and responsible.”

Report misleading advertising and any unsought solicitations for lawsuits – such as calls to your home – to your state bar association. Most state bar associations have a Consumer Assistance Program and are responsible for reviewing and investigating such complaints for violations of the state’s rules of legal conduct.

Share those reports with us so we can track complaints and bad actors, too! Submit your story below or call our hotline (855) 700-9979 toll-free and leave a message with your story.

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