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Medical malpractice reform works — just ask Texas! 

Remember 2003?  That year, “Texas Legislature passed sweeping liability reforms to combat healthcare lawsuit abuse, reverse physicians’ skyrocketing professional liability insurance premiums, and help ensure sick and injured Texans can see a doctor when they need one,” write the Dallas Forth Worth Healthcare Daily.

Since then, the numbers of doctors in Texas has increased, and the Texas economy continues to increas as businesses view the state as attractive for business. A university report shows that the number of doctors in Texas doubled from 2000 to 2005, as reforms were enacted. Doctors are flocking to states where they can practice and not be burdened by high liability insurance, even if they have no malpractice records.

Want to learn more how this can be enacted in your state?  Listen to the radio report here and share this with your friends.  Aren’t we all sick of lawsuits?

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