Small Businesses: “Trial Lawyers Not Welcome in CA!”

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Tom Scott is the Executive Director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

California has enough problems with its lawsuit system without trial lawyers coming to our state to come up with even more ways to profit from lawsuits. Small business owners get it. Newspapers get it. Californian voters get it. But trial lawyers remain deaf to the damage their agenda of lawsuit creation has created.

That’s why I was proud to join more than 60 supporters of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, and state Senator Jeff Stone on Friday, February 20 to hold a rally in Palm Springs the day before the trial lawyers held their annual convention there. The message of the rally was simple: California, already one of the worst “Judicial Hellholes” in the nation, cannot afford any more of the trial lawyer “lawsuit creation” agenda.

Conventions like these are where trial lawyers cook up plans to create more lawsuits and make a quick buck – regardless of how many jobs are lost or businesses close due to their abuse of our lawsuit system. We have trial lawyers like those gathering now in Palm Springs to thank for the decades of shakedown lawsuits alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Proposition 65. These lawsuits have shuttered business after business, costing jobs and hurting our communities.

What’s next on the trial lawyer agenda? Trying to cash in on more bogus “public nuisance” lawsuits? Finding new ways to file more lawsuits against school districts, diverting valuable education funding from the classroom to the courtroom?

Already, our lawsuit system mainly serves the interests of lawyers rather than ordinary people. That’s why we need to reform our lawsuit system. No matter what method trial lawyers pursue to create more lawsuit abuse and make more money, you can be guaranteed that it will hurt California small businesses and hurt job creation in California.

So join me in telling the trial bar: your lawsuit creation agenda is not welcome in California.

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