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Stopping Lawsuit Abuse Starts With You

Stopping lawsuit abuse starts with you. You have the power – and the responsibility – to bring common sense back to our civil justice system so it works for all of us. You can make a difference as a consumer, a watchdog, a citizen and a voter.

As a Consumer

The choices we make as legal consumers determine whether we are part of the solution or part of the problem. Be a wise legal consumer:


As a Watchdog

“If you see something, say something” we’ve all seen the signs asking citizens to report suspicious activity. We need to do the same thing on lawsuit abuse. Lawsuit abuse is everywhere, and we need your help to call it out and condemn it when you see it. By challenging lawsuit abuse when you see it, you can send the message that lawsuit abuse is unacceptable. Be a Lawsuit Lookout and tell us what’s happening in your community.

As a Voter

Personal injury lawyers spend tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to elect candidates who will help further a lawsuit-creation agenda. We must tell our candidates and elected officials that we – the people who elect them — expect them to work to stop lawsuit abuse, not create more ways to sue and enrich the personal injury bar.

When you educate yourself and support candidates who support legal reform, you’re taking an important step to stop lawsuit abuse where it starts – with bad laws that encourage abuse – and bring fairness and balance back to our civil justice system.

Contact your legislators and ask them where they stand on the issue of lawsuit abuse.

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