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Travis Akin is the Executive Director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was elected by the people of Illinois due in no small part to his pledge to improve the state’s economy. True to his promise, he has delivered a five-part plan to turn around Illinois and create jobs in our state. This is an issue of great importance here in Illinois. The unemployment rate in our state is consistently higher than the national average and Illinois is ranked the third-worst state in the country for business, according to Chief Executive Magazine.

Governor Rauner’s “Turnaround Agenda” aims to enact meaningful lawsuit reforms to reduce the lawsuit abuse that plagues Illinois and discourages job creation. The agenda also seeks to  implement term limits, change how the legislative map is drawn, freeze property taxes, and reform the state’s beleaguered workers’ compensation system.

The Governor rightly understands that for Illinois to be attractive to prospective employers, the state must shed its “Judicial Hellhole” label. The pathway to job growth starts with a commitment to reduce abusive lawsuits. The bottom line is that Illinois needs to create jobs – not lawsuits.

Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW) stands in strong support of the Governor’s blueprint to turn Illinois around. To show our appreciation, I-LAW presented Governor Bruce Rauner with a three foot by five foot thank you card.

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The card reads, “Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch’s 20,000 grassroots supporters thank you for your tireless efforts to stop abusive lawsuits, restore fairness to our courts and create jobs. We stand with you in your fight for common sense lawsuit reforms. Keep fighting!”

I-LAW will keep fighting for reform. Will you join the fight for lawsuit reform? Join the fight today at http://www.sickoflawsuits.org/join-us-now/!

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