Fight for lawsuit reform heating up in Illinois

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Travis Akin is the Executive Director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch

The state budget woes in Illinois are well-documented. Illinois has the worst credit rating of all 50 states and is continuing to lose jobs to surrounding states. Bruce Rauner’s commitment to reforming the state’s lawsuit and business climate is what propelled him to victory in the gubernatorial election last year over the incumbent, Pat Quinn.

Gov. Rauner continues to honor his campaign commitment by pushing for reforms that will improve the Illinois economy and help create jobs. Just this week, the Governor traveled to several communities throughout Illinois to make the case for his reform agenda. Despite his popular mandate to move forward with these reforms, the leaders in the Illinois Legislature continue to ignore the Governor’s calls for reform. In the meantime, Chief Executive Magazine just ranked Illinois the third worst in the country for doing business.

A key part of the Governor’s proposed “Turnaround Agenda” is common sense lawsuit reform legislation that would be boost Illinois’ economy and will help stop the flow of jobs to neighboring states.

The reality is companies look to move to states where the legal climate is fair, which is why Illinois’ status as the “Lawsuit Abuse Capital of the Midwest” is making it extremely difficult to attract new employers.

The reasonable lawsuit reforms proposed by Governor Rauner will reduce the abuse of Illinois lawsuit system by aggressive personal injury lawyers, take the lawsuit target off the backs of small businesses and in turn help create jobs in Illinois.

Join Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch in standing with Governor Rauner for lawsuit reforms needed to create jobs and get Illinois’s economy moving forward.

Please sign I–LAW’s online petition and let the Governor know you support his efforts to reform Illinois courts.

The time for common sense lawsuit reform in Illinois is now.


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